"Outreach Africa is doing a great job educating our children with their School Program."

Dr. Akec Khoc, Sudanese Ambassador to US: 2010


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Outreach Africa: Lost Boys Foundation is a unique, grass-roots organization which serves the many critical needs of our “Lost Boys and Girls” in Hampton Roads, Va. and also their family members remaining in South Sudan, Kenya and Uganda.


beforeafter Our African Boarding School Program is still going strong in its 10th year and continues to provide safety and education for the Lost Boys and Girls’ child relatives in Kenya and Uganda. We have graduated over 60 refugee students from High school in Kenya and Uganda and several from College. One is now a doctor! We currently have over 150 students in our program. Please consider becoming a sponsor for one of our bright students. Your sponsorship and donations are the key to their bright future! We continue to provide assistance to our local South Sudanese families with food, clothing, living expenses and access to medical treatment. We have new families arriving from refugee camps in Africa! If you are a Hampton Roads Medical or Dental care professional, please consider donating your professional services to help our South Sudanese friends who are genocide survivors! We also provide ongoing emergency medical and food assistance to the Lost Boys’ and Girl’s families who are still in Africa.


1) Your donations are the key! You may donate by mail or online. You may even set up a recurring, monthly donationthrough our “Donate” button or drop down menu to help us keep our rescue efforts and educational program fully funded.

2)Donate your professional services! If you are a Doctor, Dentist, Oral Surgeon, Chiropractor or Attorney, your donated services to just a few people can change their lives.

3) Invite a Lost Boy or Girl Speaker! We have great speakers who would love to come and speak at your school, house of worship or organization. These genocide survivors help those who are privileged learn to appreciate their blessings and offer a profound message of hope to those who are in need. Please contact us to arrange a speaker!


We are staffed completely by volunteers so you can be assured your tax-deductible donation goes to meet the needs of Lost Boys and Girls in the US and their families in Africa.

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